Photography Services for Artists

Need to get your work photographed so it can be documented, archived or reproduced as limited edition prints? We will provide you with professional digital capture of your art that accurately captures the nuances of your work.

Process of Image Capture

Our studio has the capability of scanning original 2D artwork up to 12” x 17”in size. Larger art works (up to 36”x48”) are digitally captured using lighting techniques appropriate for the medium. We use multiple exposures, cross polarization (removes varnish gloss or glass reflection) asymmetric lighting and post processing to reveal impasto and brushstrokes.

Studio Photography

  • Canvas Paintings
  • Jewelry
  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Small to medium sized 3D objects for high resolution advertising or website work


Photography of 2D or 3D art at our studio,

the maximum art size we can accommodate is 48” x 70”.

Basic flat art that does not contain metallics or metal leaf can be digitally captured for $18.00 each.

Price includes two delivered digital files, a web jpg and a high resolution tiff file.

If you have many pieces of art we also have a per hour charge. This is $95.00 per hour, two hour minimum, however many pieces we can do in that time frame. Billed to the nearest 1/4 hour. Additional post processing time will be necessary for color correction and saving files.


Photography at your studio

requires a 2 hour minimum charge at $105.00 per hour, plus travel time

Files will be supplied in corrected tiff print format and a version that has been down-sized and saved in jpg format for web use. Files can be saved to CD or to your USB device.