Photography & Printing

We specialize in Documentation and printing of (2 & 3D) fine art. Our prints are archival exhibition-quality on fine art papers and canvas. We provide you with the highest quality workmanship at reasonable pricing.

Services include

  • Studio photography of 2 & 3D artwork digitally captured.
  • Art Collection Documentation: Do you have an extensive art collection that needs documenting? M&C can photograph and produce a color catalogue for show, insurance purposes or reference. (Contact for Consult and Pricing)


“You do this because good documentation and provenance increases a work of art’s collectability, …value…. Most importantly conclusively proves that it is by the artist who’s signature it bears” [proof of ownership]

-Alan Bamberger

  • Image /photo restoration, color management & color correction.
  • Creative & technical consultation

What will it Cost?

Every job is different due to the variables that abound in art. Papers, pigments, pencils, watercolors, oils, pastels, all reproduce differently. The only way to get the print right is with knowledge (we have that), color management (got that too), Photoshop skills (rockin’), and the desire to give you a great print with a great printer  Epson, 4880, 9890.

Our current pricing for either archival paper or archival canvas is…
$16.00 per square foot

Pricing is at final size plus the borders.
Volume discounts available, please ask.

Price Calculator

Paper prints are produced with a 1″ additional border on all sides of the print for handling and matting. Accordingly, if you order a 20 x 30 print, your digital file will be printed 20 x 30 on a piece of Somerset Velvet Paper that is approximately 22 x 32 inches in size. Please state if you need trim marks on the corners of the print or not.

Canvas prints will be printed standard with a 2” border of your choice. Borders can be black, white, best match to background, or reflected wrap around edge. So a 16 x 20 in. print will be 16×20 inches on a canvas that is 20 x 24” in size.

Your digital file should be proportional to the final size canvas requested. This link will get you to an online Proportional Scale


Proof Pricing:  A proof print is necessary for client approval and in case you wish to have edits made to the color or cropping. Subsequent proof prints are produced at no charge until the client approves it for printing.

8×10 proof: $18.00
16×20 proof:

Sample charge for a 16 x 20 canvas print plus proof:
$18.00 – (1) 8×10 proofs
$53.28 (3.33 sq ft.) @ $16.00/sq.ft. 16×20 canvas = 20 x 24 with 2″ borders

$71.28 – First print price, additional prints @ $53.28 each